2002 October 01 Tuesday
A Bad Web Site Design

There is a company called Modex that makes Epidex which is a product for chronic skin ulcers. They take cells from a person's own hair follicles and use them to grow skin grafts for that person. Modex has set up a site dedicated to Epidex and the Epidex site provides some nice examples of things not to do in a web site design.

Check out the text on this page. Its a JPEG image. Since its an image you can't scale up the text to make it easier to read. But if you just happen to put your mouse over the small hazy text you will notice that you can click on the text image and get a larger copy of the same text table image that is readable. What were the designers of this site thinking? Why do such a thing? It would take less than an hour to type in the image's text into an HTML table. Why not do it that way?

But lets go back to the Epidex home page. Put your mouse over the Product Information box. See the pop-down list? Bet you thought you could move your mouse down to choose one of the items on the list, didn't you? Well, I did and I was wrong. Try that and the list then disappears. You have to click on the Product Information box to get another page that then lets you chose one of those options.

I do not hold myself out as an expert in web site design. But the Epidex site seems so obviously wrong that one doesn't need to be an expert to find it seriously wanting.

Posted by Randall Parker at October 01, 2002 06:02 PM
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