Does Homework Help Students in any way?

Homework is very common for students at different levels of learning. Learners from elementary school to university are all doing assignments at home to help them in the course of learning. There are objectives to be met with each assignment. Some take-home assignments are for practice whereas others are for preparatory purposes. With homework, students have an opportunity to practice what they learned in class or even try to see whether they understood.

Students have also been given assignments on topics that they are yet to cover in the classroom. In a way, this helps them prepare and at the same time helps the teacher have an easy time teaching them. To accomplish their take-home tasks, students also get an opportunity to integrate various skills. This also forms part of the reasons why homework is given to them. They can also get to learn something new in their extensive learning as they dig deeper into topics already discussed in class.

Why debate around homework 

Since its invention, homework has been used for various reasons to meet certain objectives. Well, this has never been without some challenges. There are those for and others against its use in institutions of learning. Here are key points across the divide:

Advantages of homework 

  1. They help learners to revise and even get to read more as they work on these assignments. Every time they do assignments, students tend to cover much more than was asked. Therefore, this is a great learning opportunity for them. 
  2. Students learn time management skills as they plan their work to deliver on time. To complete their work on time, students have to learn how to distribute the assignments within the given time. These skills get engraved in their life for application in other different ways.
  3. Homework presents opportunities for learners to develop problem-solving skills. The ability to independently look for answers on your own helps you develop abilities to solve other problems even in real life.

Disadvantages of homework

  1. When not managed well, homework has been stressful and depressing to students. There is the temptation of giving a lot of homework that weighs down on the ability of learners to deliver.
  2. Homework can deny learners the opportunity to be with family and friends. There is a lot to accomplish and at the end of the day, the student is too tired to engage in other ways. Therefore, it is usually a humiliating affair for them.
  3. Students preoccupied with homework hardly get time to play and exercise. This is a worrying trend that has caused health complications among students. Therefore, it is a disadvantage to them and needs to be addressed to create balance.

Final Thoughts 

The idea behind homework assignments has always been a great one from the beginning. Everything is good until it is misused. Homework provides great learning opportunities for students. They also learn skills for their future use. This is commendable. However, too much homework denies children time to engage in other equally important things in their lives, and they should be able to get Ez assignment help as often as they need it.